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09/23 2010

How To Tighten A Sagging Face

There are hundreds of tips on how to tighten sagging face online and in magazines. These bits of advice range from facial exercises to special firming creams. While these solutions may work to some extent their effect is usually minimal and short lived. For a facial care solution that really gets down the reason skin sags you will need to strengthen the muscles of your face. This is how to tighten a sagging face so that it lasts and increases your facial health.

The best way to go about this is to use what we consider the best facial toning system. Natural Face Lift is an EMS system that utilizes mild yet effective pulses to contract your muscles back into a more youthful shape. Once you facial muscles are toned in this manner your facial skin will follow. This is not just speculation. A recent study revealed most of those who use Natural Face Lift felt their face was firmer and looked more toned. This independent research work also showed most participants had softer and more radiant skin by the end of 12 weeks.

Using Natural Face Lift could not be an easier anti aging treatment. You just put on the headset which looks like headphones except each end rests on your cheeks rather than your ears. The conductors in this headset give off the signal through mess free gel pads. The sensation should be no stronger than al light tapping though it is powerful enough to contract your muscles into better shape. Ultrasound testing on those who use this product shows an increase in muscles mass on the face. The manufacturer suggests using Natural Face Lift wrinkle reducer for 12 weeks with five 20 minute sessions being performed each week. This should give you maximum results.

Compared to the cost of Botox injections or a years worth of anti wrinkle creams Natural Face Lift is incredibly affordable. You can have the entire system plus 12 sets of replacement gel pads for just $500. Natural Face Lift must be reasonably priced because discriminating shoppers in the UK are just crazy about this product. It continues to be the best selling anti aging product at Harrods and other prestigious department stores. US shoppers can purchase the Natural Face Lift system via the official website.

While the good price and sleek design of this product might be an added bonus the real reason to get your own Natural Face Lift is its effectiveness. With just minutes a day you can achieve a look that is younger and no longer worry about how to tighten a sagging face. Having this product for your own use can mean less time worrying in front of the mirror and more time to enjoy your new youthful look.

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  2. Nadine

    A facial toning system, huh? IF tightening the face muscles can help give a sort of face lift to my sagging face, I’m all for it.

  3. LYNN

    how to tighten a sagging face is what i am wondering today. I hope to find the answers I am looking for there are lots of women who can help here. I have few wrinkles but old looking skin and I need a lift or firming of soem sort.

  4. Alison

    So thrilled to have found a site on how to tighten sagging face! I like this natural option a lot. Has anyone tried? It appears to also be a good wrinkle treatment, right?

  5. Anonymous

    Softer and more radiant skin? After 12 weeks? That’s what the natural face lift can do for me? Well, heck, I’m going to try it as a way to tighten my sagging face!

  6. Grace

    Well Softer and more radiant skin sounds good but would a face exerciser help tighten my sagging face?

  7. Betsy V

    USing a face exerciser does sound like a decent sort of wrinkle treatment I must agree. Creams & serums can only do so much for a sagging face, this seems like will take stronger action.

  8. Who'sGotTime

    I’m very busy and I don’t have much down time that’s why I like the looks of this natural Face Lift, seems like I could be doing other things like sweeping the floor or doing the dishes while I wear it, my evenings are just NUTS, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to tighten up my sagging face…

  9. abbie405

    face tightening is what the natural face machine says it does best so yes, try it for sagging face muscles, that’s why I’m considering it myself.

  10. AMANDA

    Have lots of face wrinkles, keep hoping I’ll find a cream that will be a true wrinkle reducer, but so far, not much luck…maybe it’s time to try this EMS technology, at least it’s something new for sagging and aging skin.

  11. Jenny

    well in that case it’s totally worth 500 bucks because i looked mini face lift etc…to tighten a sagging face but it was very expensive, at least $10,000, so this is neat!

  12. Sharon

    getting a good remover of wrinkles seens like a way to avoid getting a mini face lift I think I dont want non surgical face lift or any type of procedure like that.

  13. Elisa

    Exactly,thats what’s so great about something like this! I mean sure we could go & get a quick face lift or stare at ourselves in the mirror doing face exercises but using something electronic to do them FOR us? Ingenious.

  14. LindaLou

    So what’s wrong with a non surgical face lift? The more I read about it, the more I want one, just have to find somebody that’s good with needles, knows face structure, seems like a great way to tighten a sagging face.

  15. Cindy T.

    Passive exercise it’s called, and I’m all for it! Just relax, maybe have a cocktail, and after 20 minutes your face will be “recharged” and stronger than it was when you started, what a great way to get the look of a face lift without actually having to have one.
    Natural Face Lift.

  16. Fiona

    we shopld work together to see how aging skin can look terrific without surgery I think filers and botox are also bad so a no surgery face lift is not for me either,

  17. Lorena Mims

    How to tighten a sagging face is right up there with how to get rid of varicose veins, I’d like to just check into the hospital and do my whole body, top to toe, and come out a new woman, no more worrying about aging skin or bad legs, just DONE, at least for awhile.

  18. Emily

    well maybe not a cocktail, alcohol is not soo good for aging skin…BUT yes def relaxing while the face exerciser tighten my sagging face for me! Sounds perfect!

  19. TJ

    Surgery is for suckas! For me a natural face lift is by Far the best choice!!

  20. lisa

    what about red wine? i thought that was one of the best anti aging remedies, with all those antioxidants??

  21. Angela

    wanting to lok younger I am on line looking or alternative options to getting s sirgical face lift procedure. procedure like faclifting strike me as dangerous potentially so i would rahter use a face tightening systen such as a toner,.

  22. michelle davidson

    what it all comes down to is the face muscles . they mustbe tightened or you’re stuck with a sagging face.

  23. Anonymous

    Anti aging products like the natural face lift seem so awesome for tightening sagging skin that I might just have to get one!

  24. Peas and Carrots

    I think if you eat really healthy and drink lots of water then your skin is going to look better, won’t get rid of the sagging, but the tone, glow will sure start to get better if we do something simple like cutting out Whata Burgers…and stop worrying so much about what kind of face lift we want to get, all those stress wrinkles will disappear!

  25. Jocelyn

    when i feel like I look too old I go and get some mini face lift work it just makes me ghappy a wrinkle treatment needs to work or else why bother…

  26. heather996

    what about one of those forehead lifts for tightening a saggy face, does it leave some kind of scar in your hair though? I don’t think I’d like that. Mabye I should jsut stick to the best anti aging skin care I can find and call it a day.

  27. Sam

    The the natural face lift sounds terrific!!! I want it now!!!!

  28. elaine

    What’s a mom to do when people think I’m the GRANDmom? Get a face lift, stay home, wear a bag over my face every time I leave the house? I don’t really know how to fix this sagging face, maybe I should see a plastic surgeon.

  29. Tweeny324

    What about a sagging face that’s also really wrinkles esp around the eyes and mouth? Will the natural face lift machine fix all that?

  30. Annie James

    Face lift costs make that avenue a dead end, so I’m looking at ways to exercise my face to get rid of my sagging skin, and then maybe some kind of face tightening cream to go along with it, I heard O’Lays’ come out with a new formula?

  31. Evelyn

    Red wine’s ok in moderation, but don’t get carried away or you’ll end up with a red nose AND sagging skin!!!! :)